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7 International Medals

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Richard Buck is an Actor trained at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Previously a TeamGB 400m Sprinter, Richard is a former European Champion, World silver medalist and along with been selected for the 2008/2012 Olympics, has won a total of 7 international medals for Great Britain.

Richard has BSc and MSc degrees in Sports Coaching and an MA  degree in Acting. 

Richard also works as an inspirational speaker and coach, for events, at awards evenings and school visits. He has worked around the world doing this and draws upon his experiences as an Athlete and Actor to craft an engaging and inspirational message for the audience. 

Additionally, Richard is a freelance filmmaker, having made films for British Athletics, Scottish Athletics and England Athletics, he also wrote and directed the award nominated documentary "My Way of Winning" which feature the British record holder, Asha Philip.