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Richard Buck



Following an international Sporting career, which saw him win seven international medals, Richard trained as an Actor at the Birmingham Royal Conservatoire. 

A native Yorkshire actor, Richard has bases in Yorkshire, Manchester, The Midlands and London.

Amongst his film credits, Richard's theatre roles include, Richard Hanney in The 39 Steps, Mr Rochester in a national tour of Jane Eyre and Koplov in the Spy thriller Cyphers. 


Olympic Visits

As an elite athlete, Richard has a unique view of the world. Using his Acting skills, Richard is an affable narrator, dipping in and out of characters swiftly and with precision, using gesture, voice and stance to depict the host of people that form his story.  This economic style is so effective; we can picture each person so vividly. Richard switches his own experiences back on the audience, inviting them to find meaning in their own lives and internalise the message. This is what makes Richard such a good inspirational speaker and what sets him apart from the crowd.


Richard has spoken internationally at European Conferences, Business Events, Sports Events and Award Evenings. 

Richard is available to come into schools, to speak with students and put students through their paces in a professional coaching session.


Richard has BSc and MSc degrees in Sports coaching (along with an MA in Acting) and has worked in coaching and coach education for British, Scottish and English Athletics and is a licensed  and insured Speed Coach.


Richard has worked with over 100,000 young people both nationally and internationally. 





Bum on Seat - Review

"Buck leads the cast and does a great job of bringing the dashing Richard Hanney to life. Buck's wide-eyed perplexity and skilful physical comedy make him a worth focus for the attention."

Culture Fix - Review

"Richard Buck is an impressive force as Rochester, gently ebbing the character's dark secrets out as the narrative progresses."

William Stafford - Review

"Absorbing, gripping and emotional with a magnetic performance from Richard Buck."

Caroline Barlow, Headteacher - Olympic Experience

"He was inspirational, motivational and relatable. The staff were hugely impressed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard."


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